Retired Men

The Retired Men’s Group began in 2014 when one of our men had a vision for what could be accomplished in a short amount of time if a group of men was organized for the purpose of completing projects around the church facilities.  The group meets at 8:15 A.M. on the first Tuesday of every month.

Have you ever wondered how that burned out light bulb got replaced or how the door that didn’t work well is suddenly working or who trimmed that tree… and the list goes on. The retired men likely made these repairs. They are men who love the Lord and have years of experiences that we are now using as we endeavor to keep the Lord’s house in good repair.

While the morning’s purpose is to accomplish work projects around the church, the men may also enjoy a time of prayer and fellowship or an occasional donut, as well.  Any man or teen who has a “First Tuesday” morning free is welcome to join the group whenever his schedule allows.