The Two Seeds

August 7, 2022
I.   Descendants II.  Development III. Difference  

Living Waters

August 7, 2022
I.   The Leery Woman II.  The Living Water III. The Lasting Well

Sin Bears Fruit

July 31, 2022
I.   Fruition II.  Fugitive III. Fear  
I.   The Son's Record II.  The Son's Resources III. The Son's Restrain  
I.   Beside Christ II.  Baptized to Christ III. Because of Christ  

Faith and Religion

July 24, 2022
I.   Two Offspring II.  Two Offerings III. Two Options

Out of Eden

July 17, 2022
I.   Dressed Fittingly II.  Denied Fruit III. Driven Forth

The Purpose of the Son

July 17, 2022
I.   To Bring Life II.  To Bring Liberation III. To Be Light
I.   Cursed to be Crushed II.  Cursed in Conceiving III. Cursed to Cultivate  

The New Birth

July 10, 2022
I.   Born Again II.  Born of the Spirit III. Born from Above  

Innocence Lost

July 3, 2022
I.   Catastrophe II.  Confronted III. Culpability  

The Way To Walk

July 3, 2022
I.   In Sanctification II.  In Surrender III. In The Spirit  

The Temptation of Eve

June 26, 2022
I.   The Deceiver II.  The Discussion III. The Desire

Going Public

June 26, 2022
I.   Driving Away II.  Declaring Authority III. Discerning All
I   The Need for a Mate II  The Nuptial is Made III The Nature of Marriage  
I   The Marriage II  The Making III The Manifesting  
I.  Called II.  Condescending III.  Convinced
I.  The Making II.  The Man III.  The Management
I.  For Suffering II.  For Steadfastness III.  For the Second Coming
I.  Beholding (v.29-31) II. Baptizing (v.32-34) III.  Biding (v.35-39)
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