I. Cause of the Blind Man II. Cure for the Blind Man III. Controversy about the Blind Man
I. The Sign of the Covenant  v9-14 II. The Seed is Confirmed  v15-19, 21 III. The Son is Consoled  v20, 22-27
I. Conquering of Death  v48-51 II. Comparing the Deceased  v52-55 III. Claim of Deity  v56-59
I. Confirmation of Numbers  v1-2, 6 II. Change of Names  v3-5 III. Covenant Never-Ending  v6-8  
I. Not Following Children  v39-41 II. Not the Father's Children  v41-44 III. Not Faithful Children  v45-47
I. The Plan of Man II. The Promise to the Mother III. The Praise and Manifestation
I. Freedom by Following II. Freedom Forever III. Freedom by the Father  
I. The Facts II. The Fanatics III. The Future
I. Untraceable to the Dead  v21-24 II. Unaltered Claim of Deity  v25-27 III. Understanding at His Death  v28-30
I. The Place II. The People III. The Permanence

I.   Faith for Offspring  v1-6 II.  Formula for the Oracle  v7-11 III. Foretelling of Oppression  v12-17
I.   The Light that is Faithful  v12-14 II.  The Legality of His Findings  v15-18 III. The Lesson on the Father  v19-20
I.   The Rebellion  v1-11 II.  The Rescue  v12-17 III. The Revelation  v18-24
I.   Generating the Conundrum  v1-5 II.  Guilt of the Crowd  v6-9 III. Grace for the Condemned  v10-11
I.   Contention  v5-9 II.  Compromise  v10-13 III. Confirmation  v14-18
I.   Declaration of Life  v37-39 II.  Division among Laity  v40-44 III. Disconcerted Leadership  v45-53  
I.   Fearful Scheming  12:10-13 II.  Fruit of Suffering  12:14-20 III. Finding Success  13:1-4
I.   The Place of Origin  v25-29 II.  The People's Opinions  v30-32 III. The Pursuit Obstructed  v33-36  
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