I.   Self Sufficient II.  Sentence on Speech III. Scattered to Stay
I.  What Thanksgiving Does for Us It delivers us from Defeat It delivers us from Discouragement It delivers us from Doubt II. What Thanksgiving Does for the Lord It allows…
I.   The Mobile Descendants of Japheth v.1-5 II.  The Many Descendants of Ham v.6-20 III. The Meaningful Descendants of Shem v.21-32
I.   Struggles Discerning v.59-63 II.  Sudden Departures v.64-66 III. Staying Devoted v.67-71
I.   Led By the Father II.  Living Bread Forever III. Life from Blood and Flesh
I.   The Covenant v8-17 II.  The Corruption v18-23 III. The Curse v24-29
I.   Enduring Meat v26-29 II.  Exceeding Manna v30-35 III. Eternally Mine v36-40
I.   The Fear to Guard v.1-2 II.  The Flesh is Granted v.3-4 III. The Foundation of Government v.5-7
I.   Escaping the Crowd v.15-17 II.  Encountering Christ v.18-21 III. Explaining their Coming v.22-26
I.   The Multitude Comes (v. 1-4) II.  The Meager Collection (v. 5-9) III. The Miracle Creates  (v. 10-14)

I.   Determining II.  Departure III. Decision
I.   The Surety and Leader II.  The Signs and Lord III. The Scriptures and Lawgiver
I.   The Depth II.  The Death III. The Decrease
I.   Authority over the Law II.  Authority from the Father III. Authority over Death IV. Authority over the Grave  
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