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I. The Event v. 1-7 II. The Exchange v. 8-15 III. The Encampment v. 16-20
I. Power and Remembrance v. 25-26 II. Peace and Rejoicing v. 28-29 III. Peril and Revelation v. 30-31
I. Wanting God's Blessing v. 1-12 II. Wavering from God's Blessing v. 13-23 III. Wrestling for God's Blessing v. 24-32
I. Sing to the Lord v. 1,4 II. Serve the Lord v. 2 III. Study the Lord v. 3,5
I. The Affront v. 25-35 II. The Attack v. 36-42 III. The Agreement v. 43-55
I. The Appointed Spirit v. 15-17 II. The Appearing Savior v. 18-21 III. The Abiding Secret v. 22-24
I. The Prospect of Leaving v. 1-9 II. The Providence of Leaving v. 10-16 III. The Peril of Leaving v. 17-24
I. It Changes Your Destination v. 10 II. It Changes Your Desire v. 11a III. It Changes Your Direction v. 11b
How to Develop a Meaningful Relationship with God
Characteristics of a Refresh-er: Positive Attitude Genuine Concern Good Listener Honest Communication Obvious Faith Generous Giver Spirit-filled
Three components regarding the preached Word: Instruction Revelation Application
Three components regarding the preached Word: Instruction 2. Revelation 3.Application

I. The Maker of the Prayer II. The Method of the Prayer III. The Measure of the Prayer

I. Jacob's Productivity v. 25-30 II. Jacob's Plan v. 31-36 III. Jacob's Practice v. 37-43
I. One to Behold v. 7-9 II. One to Believe v. 10-11 III. One to Beseech v. 12-14
I. The Problem v. 1-2 II. The Picture v. 3-4 III. The Promise v. 5-7
I. Christ's Residence v. 1-2 II. Christ's Return v. 3-4 III. Christ's Road v. 5-6      
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