I.   Dispensation of Promise  v1-3 II.  Departure of Persons  v4-6 III. Declaration and Prayer  v7-9  
I.   The Source of the Doctrine  v14-16 II.  The Speech of the Devout  v17-20 III. The Sabbath is Delineated  v21-24
I.   The River that cannot Destroy II.  The River that can Deliver III. The River that can Delight
I.   Proceeding in Trust II.  Proclaiming the Truth III. Performing the Task  
I.   In the Distinction II.  In the Dynasty III. In the Dispersion  
I.   The Dark Perfume II.  The Determined Prophet III. The Death Preparation
I.   For Reasons that are Social II.  For Reasons that are Spiritual III. For Reasons that are for Self
I.   Sweet Perfume II.  Sacred Priest III. Savored Prayer

I.   The Men II.  The Meaning III. The Majesty
I.   All Together v10-19 II.  Among the Family v20-25 III. Apart from Others v26-32
I.   Encouraged to Show v1-5 II.  Explaining the Situation v6-9 III. Entering in Secret v10-13
I.   Self Sufficient II.  Sentence on Speech III. Scattered to Stay
I.  What Thanksgiving Does for Us It delivers us from Defeat It delivers us from Discouragement It delivers us from Doubt II. What Thanksgiving Does for the Lord It allows…
I.   The Mobile Descendants of Japheth v.1-5 II.  The Many Descendants of Ham v.6-20 III. The Meaningful Descendants of Shem v.21-32
I.   Struggles Discerning v.59-63 II.  Sudden Departures v.64-66 III. Staying Devoted v.67-71