I.   Led By the Father II.  Living Bread Forever III. Life from Blood and Flesh
I.   The Covenant v8-17 II.  The Corruption v18-23 III. The Curse v24-29
I.   Enduring Meat v26-29 II.  Exceeding Manna v30-35 III. Eternally Mine v36-40
I.   The Fear to Guard v.1-2 II.  The Flesh is Granted v.3-4 III. The Foundation of Government v.5-7
I.   Escaping the Crowd v.15-17 II.  Encountering Christ v.18-21 III. Explaining their Coming v.22-26
I.   The Multitude Comes (v. 1-4) II.  The Meager Collection (v. 5-9) III. The Miracle Creates  (v. 10-14)

I.   Determining II.  Departure III. Decision
I.   The Surety and Leader II.  The Signs and Lord III. The Scriptures and Lawgiver
I.   The Depth II.  The Death III. The Decrease
I.   Authority over the Law II.  Authority from the Father III. Authority over Death IV. Authority over the Grave  
I.   The Animals II.  The Accomplishing III. The Annihilation
I.   The Wrath II.  The Revival III. The Rejoicing
I.   The Pollution of Anarchy II.  The Plan of the Ark III. The Preservation of A Few  
I.   The Lame Multitude Waits II.  The Lame Man Walks III. The Legalists Make Waves

Big Problems

August 28, 2022
I.   Confusion II.  Consternation III. Compassion

What Can You Do For Me?

August 28, 2022
I.   The Reception II.  The Request III. The Response

Our Family Tree

August 21, 2022
I.   Death II.  Departure III. Deliverer  

Mystery Meat

August 21, 2022
I.   The Heavenly Will II.  The Harvest of White III. The Hearing of the Witness